Companies and People We Love

Posted on Apr 24, 2013


At The Brand Boutique, we love to keep up with marketing, PR and digital trends, as well as new information and happenings in the marketing world.  And we also associate ourselves with great suppliers that partner with us to boost our clients business. These associations help us to be the best we can be in our industry and in turn enables us to better our service to our clients.

After realizing how much wisdom we extract from various websites, blogs, webinars and forums, and the people we encounter on a daily basis, we thought we’d share a few of them here for more people to enjoy. These are the blogs, companies and people we love…

We subscribe to many daily newsletters, but sadly end up deleting most of them unread, because either the content bores us, or we simply don’t have the time. Well, Jims Marketing Blog is one daily tidbit I cannot do without. Jim’s short and sweet nuggets of wisdom regarding small business tips and tricks, marketing advice and sound ideas, are laid out simply and I can read them in five minutes. They get the grey matter thinking, and really apply to my business.

Lifehacker is an award-winning daily blog that features tips, shortcuts, and downloads that help you work and live smarter and more efficiently. I follow them on Facebook and absolutely love what they come up with. This blog I use for my personal and business life.

This is another blog I follow that has so many great insights into productivity and just working awesomely.

The name says it all. The Brand Boutique became a member of Xtraordinary women at the end of 2012 (because we like to think we are Extraordinary!), and it has been a great journey. With so many like-minded entrepreneurs belonging to this network, all following their dreams and passion, this platform has allowed me to connect with so many inspirational women, including my dear clients Rosemary Sloggett of and Linda from

Nicky Diamond is quite honestly my Digital Diamond and I just love her apt name. Nicky and I have been working together for many years, with her being my first port of call for all my branding, logo’s, websites and digital creations. Her broad knowledge and strategic way of thinking coupled with my eye for detail, perfectionism and insight into my clients businesses has seen us create some fantastic digital creations for clients.

Financial Abundance Coach, Linda Smith is passionate about empowering people in the management of their money.  An acclaimed speaker, coach, workshop facilitator and writer based in Cape Town, she is the founder of Financial Abundance Coaching and creator of Linda’s Abundance Diary and Journal. Having attended her workshops, talks and one-on-one coaching, I can honestly say, she changes lives. And most importantly, your way of thinking, which is what changes behaviour and ultimately the outcome of your life! Make an appointment today…

I have recently had the pleasure of working with fashion and wardrobe stylist Chiara, for one of my clients, symphonic Indie Rock band, Al Bairre. Having never worked with her before, I commissioned her to style all five band members for their upcoming gigs and festival performances. Aside from her enthusiasm and over delivery of services, Chiara has put us in touch with hair stylists, jewellery designers and photographers, who are all doing their bit on a complimentary basis for the love of music! So we now have a photo shoot booked for the band’s PR and media press kit and media images. So excited for Al Bairre and can’t thank Chiara enough for all her invaluable input.

When I started working for a client with a Joomla website, a platform I wasn’t overly familiar with, I found Lantz Mattinson from Afro Media in Johannesberg. He has been assisting me with updates, coding and overall techie, digital stuff that I prefer other people to do. His Skype message is “busy, busy, but always time for you”, and this is so true. Lantz always has time for the “please can you help me out with…” skype call and delivers consistently, and on time. So nice to be able to rely on people…

There are many other suppliers and resources that The Brand Boutique has the pleasure of being associated with and I’ll be adding to this list down the line…