Google ads vs Google organic

Posted on Apr 26, 2013

Google logoIt’s the eternal debate – Google ads vs Google organic. Just comparing words like ad and organic, the latter definitely has a better rep. It conjures up images of fresh lettuce, pure and untainted. And in a Google sense, untainted and pure are just as apt. The word Ad conjures up thoughts of unimaginative sales strategies and boring execution.

In search circles there are endless debates as to whether organic SEO (search engine optimization) or SEM (search engine marketing) works best. This rather misses the point as the two often work best when run in tandem.

Organic SEO will take longer because it is relying on your strategically placed and thought-out keywords that potential customers would search for. But a lot more than that affects your search rankings – how often you update your website or blog content for example also affects your outcome on Google.

However, using a PPC (pay per click) campaign through SEM can drive quick traffic and achieve visibility.

We have found a great resource and visual representation of Google ads versus Google Organic, and always advise clients to test a combination of both to get best results.

Google ads vs Google Organic