Social Media Overhaul for Isabelina

Posted on Sep 11, 2014

When The Brand Boutique first started working with Isabelina, their web presence consisted of their website and a Facebook page that hadn’t been updated in over a year, with 75 likes.

As a result, social media was one of the first items on the agenda to overhaul and manage on a consistent basis. It was a great project as it allowed The Brand Boutique to create brand new profiles with fresh and interesting content to be managed on a daily basis.

Isabelina now has a busy Facebook page, Twitter handle, and Instagram account, as well as a Pinterest account to showcase their loves and gorgeous products. The Brand Boutique creates, writes and manages all content across all four platforms and we’re having a ball doing so – with such gorgeous products being sold by their six stores, our visual content is overflowing!

Isabelina Facebook & Instagram


Isabelina Pinterest












Isabelina Twitter