New Year Lifestyle Changes at The Brand Boutique

Posted on Jan 19, 2016

We are half way through January 2016 already with the summer holidays a distant memory. The sun soaked two weeks off I had with my family gave me time to really contemplate what my resolutions for the new year would be, both from a personal and professional point of view. But as the first few days of January rolled around, I kept reading article after article of how new years resolutions are doomed to fail come February and it got me thinking about how I could strive to be the opposite of the norm.

I am not a big “resolutions’ kind of gal anyway so I decided to rather think about things I wanted to change in my actual lifestyle that would make me a better person professionally and personally. Habits that would become a part of my everyday life, not a list I had to begrudgingly get through in whatever timeframe I had decided.

Some people may think it is strange that I have written this blog for my business website. But because my work is so much a part of my life, The Brand Boutique can only benefit. So without further adieu, here are my Top Lifestyle Changes for 2016 that will hopefully make me a better business owner, marketer, mom and wife:

Cut the clutter

When I had sent my last mail of 2015 and switched my desk lamp off to gather dust over our short summer holiday, I didn’t actually do a clean up of my desk. (I know, how disorganized am I!?) So when I sat down again early January 2016, I realized how much unnecessary clutter I had around me. From old notes stuck up on the wall to piles of paper months old that were no longer part of my current workload.

Therefore, one of my new lifestyle changes is to cut the clutter from all aspects of my life – piles of paper will be recycled, drawers full of bits and pieces I will never use, I will be donating or tossing. The same goes for clothing I no longer wear. It makes for a happier and less stressed out me. If like me your whole house is a smorgasbord of cluttered spaces, do like I’ll be doing and tackle one area per day so at not to feel too overwhelmed. So far I’m doing pretty well having cleared a few cupboards and drawers.

Now to keep them like that.

Connect with people

With smart phones and technology having taken over our lives, it’s easy to hide behind a screen on social media, email or whatsapp to communicate with people – be they friends, family, colleagues, or clients. To me this has become the norm and in our fast paced world it’s easier to type up a quick Whatsapp rather than call someone.

I realize how much I miss conversations with friends or family I don’t see often and how much better it is when you have an actual conversation with your…erm, actual voice. I get more out of the communication and it makes me happier once I put the phone down. This goes for my business as well as my personal life.

With social media, email and Internet overload, the human connection cannot be left out of the equation and it’s something I am going to strive for this year.

Maybe my inbox will thank me.

realise that less is indeed more

If there is one thing I am in life, it’s a doer. I love to strategise and then implement. And I do, do, do until the cows come home. I don’t rest until everything is, well…done.

This year I am changing this mind set. I will still do, but I will be selective as to what is really important to do and what can be left undone, so to speak.

2016 will be all about quality rather than quantity. This goes for my client’s work and the actions I implement for them, as well as how much I try and squeeze into one day for my work and personal life.  And if it means I need to say “no” once in a while, so be it.

Sorry in advance.

Admire the view and smell the roses

Following on from the point above, I am one of those people that can sit at her desk and not realize that three hours has passed. I can be thirsty, hungry, bursting for the loo (sorry, just had to paint the picture), yet if my current task is that engrossing, I will remain where I am until it’s done.

Not a pretty picture, right? Since starting to work this year I have forced myself to take breaks – I make myself a cup of tea, stare at the view, or just sit away from my computer for 5 minutes. Luckily I have a new lifestyle fitness device wrapped around my wrist and an app that reminds me to “Get up and Move!” by sending me an sms. I must admit sometimes I don’t listen to it and stubbornly carry on. But mostly I take heed of these incessant reminders and am grateful that I do.

Btw, the roses smell lovely and the view is sublime.

Switch off more

Okay, so this is one of the resolutions, (I mean lifestyle changes), that is the most difficult to get into. Being in marketing and PR, social media is very prevalent in my life. Which means I am always checking Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, email etc. It can drive me crazy sometimes but it is so difficult to JUST. STOP. LOOKING. Can you feel me?

I have read that the hour before bed and the hour after waking up should be screen free times. Yeah right. “Just a quick peek at Facebook and my emails and I will be on my way”, I say to myself. Twenty minutes later I am still browsing. No wonder my kids are always late for school.

So this year, I will strive (and hopefully be victorious) over this crazy world of social media, screens and technology, whilst still delivering scintillating social media campaigns on behalf of my beloved clients.

Wake up early

July 2015 saw me get back into running. And I am LOVING it, having just completed my longest run of 30km. Crazy right? With summer here I started running at 5am every morning with my coach rather than during the busy evenings. Whilst it is not a nice feeling dragging yourself out of a comfy, warm bed at 4h30, once you’re up and going about your day whilst everyone is asleep, I can honestly say it is one of the best feelings. You get your mind and body ready for YOURSELF before you have to give so much of yourself to your family and work commitments. I am certainly going to continue this schedule even if I’m not using the time to run. I’ll use it to tinker around the house or get in an hour of work before the morning rush begins. Maybe my tune will change come the cold winter mornings but let’s see.

Here’s to lifestyle changes and a memorable 2016.

X Tricia