Tricia PicThe Brand Boutique is a specialized PR and marketing firm with over ten years experience in crafting and executing strategic marketing and PR campaigns throughout a number of industry sectors. Whether designing a traditional public relations campaign, organizing events that positively influence a client’s target market or providing consultation to clients on marketing strategy, CRM and social media outreach, The Brand Boutique has the knowledge and resources to manage the full-spectrum of marketing and PR services.Since founding The Brand Boutique in 2009, Tricia Francois has managed the marketing and PR for companies spanning a wide range of industries and products including health and beauty products, decor



brands, artists and composers to lighting and lifestyle products. Because of the diversity of products and businesses that The Brand Boutique works with, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing and PR, but rather evaluate the current needs and objectives of each client and develop a tailored plan that fits their budget, product life-cycle stage and marketing goals. At The Brand Boutique we believe that a personalised approach with honest, down-to-earth human contact contributes to our client’s success. Tricia is involved in each client’s marketing journey from initial contact and planning, right through to execution and evaluation of the results. It is this approach that has earned her a trusted position within her clients businesses.