This is one of the most important aspects of a marketing journey as this determines the starting point and the goals to be achieved. We work together with our clients to determine the marketing and PR objectives that need to be achieved and from here a strategy is drawn up ensuring that deliverables and timeframes in place for a successful outcome. One of our key talents at The Brand Boutique is knowing how to write and craft a professional press release, and how to maximise on opportunities presented by the media. Our team also writes copy for websites, brochures or for any other marketing medium, making sure the tone, content and angle is relevant, captivating and that it adds value. Human contact and maintaining relationships within key media are fundamental to PR success. The Brand Boutique is in regular contact with various media, from business-to-business to consumer publications, with online publications becoming a major player in this arena. We make sure that all relevant contacts are brought up to date with press kits, press releases, new product launches and relevant newsworthy information. We have a dedicated team offering innovative and tailored design solutions from logo origination to corporate ID development as well as implementation across all marketing collateral. The Brand Boutique has managed and overseen the development of many corporate identities and logo’s and enjoys seeing a brand develop and flower.
We manage marketing across all electronic formats including website design, generation of e-newsletters and e-brochures. We also manage all coordination of content and copy writing for websites and web marketing. As part of a holistic marketing strategy, social media plays a big role and is the future of how consumers interact with brands. The Brand Boutique manages all aspects of client’s social media, from setting up profiles, to managing content and finding strategic ways of interacting with relevant audiences. The Brand Boutique revels in the opportunity of putting together events, from launch parties and client soirees, to grand openings, always keeping the client’s image and end goals in mind.
We manage all aspects of the event, from planning and conceptualisation, to budget management, coordination of the event, and all media relations pre- and post-function.
At The Brand Boutique, we believe that an important part of the marketing mix is honest and down-to-earth human contact. We will manage all client liaisons with our client’s customers and also give access to strategic databases.