Aromatic Apothecary

As of May 2013, The Brand Boutique manages the strategic PR for all the products in the Aromatic Apothecary range, as well as the PR for Doryce Sher, founder of the brand, as a personal brand to build her public profile in relevant and niched media.

Since graduating as a scientifically trained pharmacist, Doryce Sher questioned whether prescribing pills for people’s ailments was necessarily the right thing to do. With this nagging at her conscious, Doryce embarked on her journey of founding the Aromatic Apothecary range of products and empowering people to make the right health choices by offering beneficial information to use alongside these products.

Found at The V&A Waterfront and in most pharmacies and health shops around South Africa, the Aromatic Apothecary range includes beauty, wellbeing, kids, medicinal and therapeutic products with the aim of achieving wellness through aromatherapy.

Media targeted includes mainstream and niched print and digital platforms, as well as radio, and corporate speaking events.

The Aromatic Apothecary’s belief in people, community and thriving, honest business practice that has seen them grow from a small home-based business to a thriving national enterprise, and The Brand Boutique is proud to be associated with them.

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_Aromatic Apothecary1814 - Bath & massage Oil 60ml

_Aromatic Apothecary1861 - Lavender_Aromatic Apothecary1854 - Bed Of Roses_Aromatic Apothecary1853 - Spray On Relief & Roll On Relief