Okavango Lighting Showroom

Well known in Cape Town’s lighting and electrical circles, Okavango & Plumstead Lighting Showrooms and Electrical Wholesale divisions are well established wholesalers and retailers servicing the Southern and Northern Suburbs. With Plumstead Lighting and Electrical founded in 1968, their northern suburbs counterpart, Okavango Lighting Showroom was opened in 2010, with The Brand Boutique organising the launch event and subsequent PR.

Over the last year, the company has undergone a complete brand and corporate identity overhaul with The Brand Boutique managing all aspects of this process. From launching four brand new websites to redoing all their corporate stationery and marketing collateral, it has been an exciting journey to see a new brand emerge.

The Brand Boutique also manages the ongoing PR and media relations for the company, as well as all digital and web communications with clients, customers, business partners and stakeholders.

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